eLDSS: Living in Tech City: 50+ Learning Technology Trends and Innovations Transforming Work and Our Lives

Facilitator: Josie Csete, EDC
Presenter: Prof. Curtis J. Bonk, Indiana University, and President of CourseShare
Facilitator: Joey Wu, EDC
Facilitator: Laura Zhou, EDC
Date:09 Jun 2015
Time:12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Curtis J. Bonk is Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University and President of CourseShare. Drawing on his background as a corporate controller, CPA, educational psychologist, and instructional technologist, Prof. Bonk offers unique insights into the intersection of business, education, psychology, and technology.

In this session, Prof. Bonk will look at several technologies and web resources that have emerged over the past few years to transform corporate training as well as higher education.  Some of these technologies tools include smartphones and smart watches, digital course resources, social books, social media, online talking dictionaries, video walls, virtual assistants, and web conferencing.

Also exploding at this time is enrollment in online or virtual learning, blended learning, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and the use of collaborative tools in such e-learning courses.  While these 50+ technology trends and innovation are exciting and highly transformative, each has pros and cons in how they are used in different training and education spaces. To make it more personal, this session will, in part, be a presentation, and, in part, a conversation about learning technology trends and innovations.

#Please note that light lunch will be provided from 12pm.

*This seminar is co-organised by EDC and CoP on Using Blackboard LMS to Enhance Learning and Teaching.

EDC Coordinator: Josie Csete