Tips for Publishing in High-Ranking Journals: An Editor’s Point of View

Facilitator: Prof. Jason Choi, ITC
Date:24 Apr 2017
Time:2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Publishing papers in peer refereed academic journals is an important job for all scholars. In many fields, high-ranking journals have evolved and it is getting increasingly difficult to publish papers in them. Many of these high-ranking journals have a rejection rate of over 90%, and they only accept “perfect papers” in both analysis and English.

In this workshop, we will

  • share some recent editorial policies and trends in Operations Research (OR) and Systems Engineering (SE) related journals; and
  • examine various quick tips on English writing which will help enhance the chances of paper acceptance. 

While the focus of the workshop will be on OR-SE journals, many points are generic and applicable to other fields. Thus, this workshop should appeal to colleagues from all backgrounds and to those who would like to learn more about the current practice of academic publishing and quality writing.

* This activity is jointly organised by the CoP on Using English for Academic Success and EDC. Registration priority will be given to academic faculty with teaching responsibilities.

EDC Coordinator: Leona Li