The Importance of Making Your Case: Our Urgent Need to Cultivate Convincing, Influencing and Persuading Skills in Our Students

Facilitator: David DeGeest , Researcher, Assistant Professor, MM
Facilitator: Angelia Wang, Lawyer, Teaching Fellow, AF
Facilitator: Brian Lam, Captain, The University of Hong Kong English Debate Team, HKU
Date:31 Jul 2017
Time:10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Our university education provides our students with a wealth of knowledge to better prepare them for a complicated world. Yet, just how competent are our students in putting all this authoritative sources (theories, research findings, frameworks, models, ideologies, philosophies) to good use? A common concern of educators is that our students lack the competence to persuade, convince and influence others about their points of view. Come and join us in this unique Roundtable sharing session and hear how three seasoned professionals (a researcher, a lawyer and a debate coach) make their case, and in the process inspire us to cultivate this critical attribute into our teaching, learning and research.

EDC Coordinator: Leona Li