The Use of Simulation Game Design and Animation as Assessment (Re-run)

Facilitator: Dr Walter Fung, COMP
Date:26 Sep 2017
Time:12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Games and simulations are often used for teaching and learning, enhancing the interactions between students and teacher. Most games are freeware, acquired from the market at a cost, or sometimes designed by teachers. This session intends to share an alternative in which students are asked to design games or simulations as their group project assessment. The deliverable can be physical or computer based. The subjects adopted are information systems audit and control, knowledge and information management, and intellectual property protection and management. The project was shortlisted in Reimagination Education 2016, in the category of teaching assessment.

* This activity is jointly organised by the CoP on Developing, Recognising & Rewarding Excellent Teaching and EDC.

EDC Coordinator: Leona Li