eLDSS: Designing the Perfect MOOC and SPOC: Recipes for Successful Course Design

Facilitator: Darren Harbutt, EDC
Facilitator: Ian Brown, EDC
Facilitator: Anthony Ho, EDC
Facilitator: Patrick Cheong, EDC
Facilitator: Indie Chung, EDC
Facilitator: Roy Kam, EDC
Date:18 Aug 2017
Time:12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

This workshop takes an in-depth look at essential ingredients you’ll need to produce a successful MOOC or SPOC. We will focus on two successful online courses and consider their strengths as well as ways they could be improved to produce the ‘perfect’ result. We will consider the course design, how the course is marketed and all of the elements employed to aid learning and learner engagement. We will also view and deconstruct a selected micro movie, and discuss how you can apply these techniques in your own video-making.

EDC Coordinator: Ian Brown