eLDSS: FutureLearn: A Fresh Approach to MOOCs

Facilitator: Simon Nelson, Chief Executive, FutureLearn
Date:23 Nov 2017
Time:12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

The higher education landscape is changing and it has become more relevant than ever to develop new strategies to meet the changing needs of both students and universities in this evolving era. MOOCs can play a role in helping universities meet these needs but what about the challenges for MOOCs themselves? Simon Nelson, Chief Executive of FutureLearn talks about FutureLearn’s journey as a MOOC platform from its inception four years ago to offering fully online degrees today, the challenges of that evolution and FutureLearn’s vision for the future of the MOOC in terms of the learner, the university and the employer. 

Speaker's Bio

Simon Nelson has a background in digital disruption as a pioneer in taking media brands and content online. He spent 14 years at the BBC, where he was instrumental in putting radio online, and overseeing its podcasting service and the innovative Radio Player. He then moved to head up all digital content activities for its television divisions where he led the development of the BBC iPlayer and other ground-breaking online products and services.

Simon and his teams have won multiple awards for digital innovation and product development, including several Emmys, Webby and Bafta awards, the Prix Italia, Prix Europa and Rose D’or. 

EDC Coordinator: Leona Li