eLDSS: MOOCs + SPOCs@PolyU: A Showcase and Celebration (Re-run)

Facilitator: Mr Ian Brown, EDC
Facilitator: Darren Harbutt, EDC
Facilitator: Roy Kam, EDC
Facilitator: Anthony Ho, EDC
Facilitator: Patrick Cheong, EDC
Date:14 Dec 2017
Time:12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

2017 has been an exciting and successful year for our MOOC and SPOC teams with the launch of many online courses ranging from departmental SPOCs to SHTM’s pioneering MicroMasters. Come to this showcase session and hear from our MOOC + SPOC teams. We will celebrate their successes as well as listen to their experiences.  


EDC Coordinator: Ian Brown