Sharing sessions - Experiential teaching and learning in newly renovated classrooms (Re-run)

Facilitator: Prof. Cathy Hsu, WGILS Chairman/Facilitator, SHTM
Presenter: Dr Karin Weber, SHTM
Presenter: Dr Fridolin Ting, AMA
Date:19 Jan 2018
Time:2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Since 2015, more than 40 teaching rooms on campus were renovated and some were combined to form larger rooms. The refitted spaces feature modern, comfortable, user-friendly, and an interactive environment with movable furniture, extensive writing surfaces, enhanced acoustics, and upgraded technologies. To increase teaching colleagues’ awareness about the advanced features of these upgraded classrooms and understanding of how these features could be applied in learning and teaching activities, the Working Group on Innovative Learning Spaces (WGILS) invited  academic and teaching staff to submit proposals on "experiential teaching and learning in newly renovated classrooms" in Semester 1, 2017/18 Six proposals from various departments were selected. Each successful project team made use of the room facilities and equipment to bring about positive impact on students’ learning experiences.

EDC Coordinator: Green Luk