Savvy Search Skills for Service-Learning: Searching the Literature and Finding Where to Publish

Facilitator: Josie Csete, EDC
Facilitator: Barbara Tam, EDC
Facilitator: Kannass Chan, EDC
Facilitator: Laura Zhou, EDC
Facilitator: Becky Chu, EDC
Date:19 Jan 2018
Time:12:30 PM - 2:15 PM

This workshop will demonstrate how to conduct an effective search to find relevant literature related to your service-learning interests. Whether you want to find teaching techniques useful in your service-learning subject, or in publishing your own study on a service-learning topic locating the relevant resources can be different from your academic discipline.  Join us for this workshop with hands-on activities to help you find journals and search on topics that are a suitable fit for your goals.

Topics include:

·    Types of journals that publish articles about Service-Learning

·    Effective ways to search for Service-Learning topics

·    Ways of searching for potential journals

·   Methods for selecting your “target” journal

This seminar is jointly organized by OSL, CoP in SL and EDC. Registration priority will be given to CoP in SL members.


EDC Coordinator: Josie Csete