OASIS: An Online Assessment System for Individual Scores

Presenter: Chi-Keung Woo, Professor of Asian and Policy Studies and Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies & Student Learning), Faculty of Business, Education University of Hong Kong
Presenter: Alice Shiu, Associate Professor, School of Accounting and Finance
Facilitator: Christine Armatas, EDC
Date:23 Apr 2018
Time:10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The “Online Assessment System for Individual Scores” (OASIS) is a new process that aims to enhance the effectiveness of a team project, broadening students' learning experiences and achieving a fair assessment of team members’ individual contributions to the project’s completion and quality.


In this workshop, teachers will learn a fair, relatively easy to implement, low cost and universal applicable online assessment system which can help them to:

  • improve the learning outcome of team projects;
  • prevent free-riding problem in team projects;
  • achieve fair individual scoring for team projects;
  • generate empirics that are useful materials for future teaching; and
  • engage students to learn actively, likely better and more than they are currently used to in a team project setting.

EDC Coordinator: Christine Armatas