What can Learning Analytics do for your courses? A data mining approach

Facilitator: Dennis Foung, ELC
Date:29 May 2018
Time:12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

The term “learning analytics” often drives people away because it seems to imply numbers, algorithms and other alien-like terms. This session will unveil these secretive codes and unearth valuable and unexpected treasures in data. In particular, this session will explain how these treasures can help us: 1. identify at-risk students; 2. cluster students with different sets of characteristics; 3. understand associations between students’ weaknesses. These techniques are introduced with an open data source from an institution in the UK.  Colleagues with/without a statistical background are invited to join us on this knowledge discovery journey.  

This activity is jointly organised by the CoP on Conducting Learning Analytics to Inform Teaching and Learning and EDC.

EDC Coordinator: Leona Li