Certificate in University Teaching

Semester 2, 2017/18

Details about the Programme

Please complete ALL questions and items on this enrolment form so that your application can be processed. You may click "Submit" at the bottom when you have completed. You may contact Tirzah Wu at 2766 4237 if you have any questions related to submitting this form.

1. I am eligible to enrol because: 
2. I have been teaching for  months   years
3. Please indicate the type(s) of teaching you are currently involved in:
  Lecturing large classes (60+)
Lecturing small classes (up to 60)
Small group tutorials / seminars
Laboratory teaching
Supervising project work
Supervising research students
Others (Please specify):
4. Please tell us what you most hope to get from attending this programme: 
5. I have read the programme information including the participation requirements. 
6. I am interested in constructing the (optional) Teaching Portfolio. 

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