Good Practices in Blended Learning: A Dialogue on How to Create Bonding among Students and Teachers

Facilitator: Eric Tsui, EDC
Facilitator: Barbara Tam, EDC
Discussant: Dr Kam Hung, SHTM
Discussant: Dr Cindy Ngai, CBS
Discussant: Dr Ming-hung Lee, BME
Discussant: Yuen Ting Mak, Student, ISE
Date:25 Feb 2021
Time:12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

Teachers need to build rapport and trust in both the f2f and online teaching environment. Trust and rapport  are essential for motivating and sustaining interest, sharing and collaboration. In this session, teachers and students will share their views, tactics on cultivating bonding and the value of trust.

EDC Coordinator: Eric Tsui