ChatGPT: Challenges, Opportunities and Responses to AI in University Education

Facilitator: Julia Chen, EDC
Facilitator: Darren Harbutt, EDC
Facilitator: Dick Chan, EDC
Facilitator: Song Guo, COMP
Facilitator: Adam Forrester, ELC
Facilitator: Eric Friginal, ENGL
Facilitator: Melody Lu, CPCE
Date:16 Feb 2023
Time:12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

ChatGPT is the latest generative AI tool to hit the news and universities worldwide are racing to respond to the challenges to academic integrity and opportunities to higher education it offers. In this online session, a range of participants discuss the big issues surrounding ChatGPT and other AI technology, and outline possible responses universities can make.

EDC Coordinator: Darren Harbutt