Language and Learning: The Interplay of English in Science Classrooms

Speaker: Jack Pun, Department of English, CityU
Facilitator: Dr Eric Ho, ELC
Date:23 Nov 2023
Time:12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


This talk delves into the rising global trend of instructing science in English. The speaker will explore the hurdles both educators and learners frequently face when teaching and learning science in English, especially when it is not their native language. 

He will spotlight a study from Hong Kong which focused on the teaching of science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in English, and scrutinize the dynamics of classroom interaction, including turn-taking, ratio of talk, language choices, and the types of questions raised.

Further, the speaker will share insights on what teachers and students feel about instructing or learning in English, discussing their perspectives, language obstacles, and their strategies for dealing with these challenges.

The aim is to utilize these research insights to enhance the teaching of science in English, both in Hong Kong and globally. This talk aims to illuminate practical methods to boost teacher-student interactions and make the process of learning science in English both more efficient and enjoyable.

Speaker's bio

Dr Jack Pun is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the City University of Hong Kong. He completed his PhD at Oxford, which explored the teaching and learning process in EMI science classrooms, with a special focus on classroom interactions, translanguaging and teachers’ and students’ views of EMI.

The activity is jointly organised by the CoP on English for Professional Development and EDC.

EDC Coordinator: Joanna Kwan