BOLT Blended: Designing Blended Learning (Re-run)

Facilitator: Laura Zhou, EDC
Facilitator: Mitesh Patel, EDC
Facilitator: Mag Xu, EDC
Date:15 Jan 2024 - 24 Mar 2024
Time:To be arranged

This comprehensive instructor-paced course blends engaging asynchronous online activities with interactive face-to-face synchronous workshops. Working with your facilitators and peer learners, you will have the opportunity to develop a Learning Innovation Plan that integrates tools, techniques, and frameworks into your blended and online teaching practice.

Target participants: 

For teachers who
  • have the time to dedicate to an intensive course
  • want to develop knowledge and skills for blended learning
  • prefer hands-on guidance to develop a blended learning plan applicable for real classes

EDC Coordinator: Mag Xu